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anfanfanf's Journal

『ANF ANF ANF!』 Icons♥~
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welcome to anfanfanf; a graphics community run by kini, rea, and elise. do feel free to have a look around, and maybe watch us if you like what you see.

o1. if you take our icons, please put a link back up to our comm in the icon comments. This way, people will know where to find similar icons.
o2. use them wherever you like, but please don't claim these as your own. because that's not cool, man. 8|
o3. if you take any icons, please don't modify them? we'll be happy to provide original pics should you want them, but please don't treat our icons as bases.
o4. it's not REALLY all that necessary, but do leave a comment if you take anything? let us know what you think. B]

//stupid sexy icons